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Anyone using one of these? What's your thoughts? I'm looking to get something for me and my dog. Storage space at home is limited. My car is a Jeep Grand Cherokee. So, size is limited and I've had some back problems so car topping anything heavy is also an issue. If I had a truck I'd probably get a Spring Creek pram.

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I have a fishing buddy that has Lake fished out of one for last 4 years or so. He purchased this after fishing from a pontoon boat 1 time, hated the set up. He ran down the Yakima in high water once, said that was scary. I would think optional seat height would be to high for safe river running.

He elected to purchase the optional hard bottom and elevated swivel seat option shown above. He also added a optional quick inflation pump that is hooked up to vehicle battery, and I think can be set to shut off at pre-determined inflation (2.5psi). I have only seen him in it, not tried it myself.

He is 6ft - 3" or so. Boat seems very narrow inside. Length wise interior seems like plenty of room for him. He stood up in it once, he commented that boat felt stable. Takes a solid 30-40 minutes to fully inflate, including loaded ready to fish. Boat is made from heavy duty rubber material. He said it was dog claw proof, not sure if this is a manufacturer warranty or his impression of durability. Optional floor folds in half for storage, with seat/pedestal option ads nearly 68lbs to total boat weight. Floor must be installed previous to inflation. So, muscling this thing around fully inflated would be a two person endeavor or plan on inflating and deflating at fishing location.

When fishing beside him in my pram. Watching the boat track while rowing, bow of boat plows water, making tracking less efficient. Plus seat location causes boat to be nose heavy, also must effect boat tracking while rowing but not a deal breaker by any means.

His motivation for purchase was not owning a truck. Had to be a floating device that broke down into a small package, as easy a set up with minimal pieces as possible, something not requiring wearing of waders.
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