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this topic has recieved over 2 years of discussion on the BC BB sites. we are now at a tipping point with net pens. it appears that the sea lice have built up a resistence to SLICE. the herbicide of choice, for controlling lice. what is happenning right now is an explosion in the numbers of sea lice on these fish as well as around the floating pens. there is ample evidence that currents are now distributing these resistance lice all over the inside waterways of BC. the main culprit for the 'mising' 11,000,000 salmon from the fraser r. this past fall, sea lice. the migration studies which have occurred over several decades have demonstrated that these outbound smolt head to the open ocean right past all of these net pens. the attrition of these smolt speaks volumes for the destructive power of this sort of concentration of sea lice in our oceans.

these lice are being distributed, via currents, to the extent that pacific salmon migrating through BC waters, and that includes some puget sound stocks, are now at risk. biologists in the scandanivian countries have already published numberous studies concluding that open ocean net pens and wild salmon cannot coexist. i am sure you can conclude that the one and only reason they remain in business in BC is bucks. the solution to salmon farming lies in containment ponds located on terra firma, already being done with coho right here in WA, and at a profit.

now here is another factoid - SLICE and SLICE treated fish are prohibited in the US as SLICE is not an approved herbicide when human consumption is involved. a single company in WA state is the major importer of these SLICE treated atlantic salmon and from here these fish are distributed to fish markets in virtually everyother state. want to know what the WA AGs office said when i called this to their attention? not our problem.

make a big stink folks, some puget sound returning salmon are swimming right through this ocean sewage problem.
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