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I've been fishing for coastal cutthroat for more than fifty years and have caught them throughout Puget Sound, Hood Canal, the Columbia River, north to Southeast Alaska and south to the Eel River in California. Coastal cutthroat along the Pacific are found in upper watershed creeks, lakes and rivers. In rivers that are open to the marine environment most of the coastal cutthroat are anadromous or "sea-run". They are all coastal cutthroat however.
We fought to make the cutthroat "catch-and-release" in all Washington marine waters in 1997. This was to protect weaker stocks when they mix in the marine environment.
I have an all new comprehensive book on coastal cutthroat due out in the fall. After 28 years my first book has gone out of print. You can, however still borrow it from the public library and most fishing club libraries. It is an easy read that should clear up most of the questions here.

Les Johnson
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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