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Looking forward to your new book. I really lucked out
last November when I purchased what turned out to be the last copy the shop I go to had. It is very informative, and I really like the color plates of cutthroat patterns.
I live between Grays Harbor and Willapa Bay, and just started fly fishing last fall and learning about these little dynamos. No kidding, your book was an inspiration!
I had only fished for them in the late 50's and the 60's as a kid with colorado spinners and worms, mainly around Sequim. And in recent years as incidental (released) catch while bait/gear fishing for steelhead.
I kept one 16" out of the xxxx River last fall(where its legal to do so), but after reading about them in your book(and other authors, as well as posts by members of this site), my awareness was raised and I haven't kept one since.
It may be early, but I hope to head up the zzzz River for a looksee this afternoon, after finishing up some critical work I can't weasle my way out of. I've had good luck with a Knudsen Spider with a red tail and the Hari Kari locally.
Thanks for the writings! You can rack up one future sale of your new book right here...can hardly wait!:thumb

(river names x-d out to reduce potential increase in fishing pressure).

1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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