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I've been catching searuns and silvers off our Puget Sound beaches for the past eight years, at all times of the year, with a surface popper. I've found that when I am flycasting from the beach, any fish I can reach with a flyline is not resting, but actively feeding and searching for food. My Miyawaki Beach Popper (it will be in Les Johnson's new book) represents a crippled or wounded baitfish and, as such, are easy prey for predatory salmonids and the occassional Starry Flounder. And I will say this, risking another floating vs. sinking debate – fishing a surface popper for searuns and salmon is far more pleasurable and definitely, much more exciting than fishing the "darkside."

FYI, the popper recipe is in the archives of both waflyfishers.com and pugetsoundflyfishing.com

1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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