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sea run cutt questions

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I know there are some very avid and knowledgable src fishermen on this site. Most of you seem to be down in S. Sound. What about N. Sound, B'ham area etc.? Any big src fans in this area?

I have questions on their habits like when do they head upstream to spawn?

When they are in the rivers do you folks catch them on drys or wet flies?

It also seems to me like they should be catch and release in fresh water as well as salt. Anyone know why that is not so or did I read this wrong?

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In addition to the cutthroat book, Les has written Fly Fishing for Pacific Salmon and (with Mark Mandell) Tube Flies. Tube Flies is one of the few, and certainly the best, books on tube flies available. Any of you beach fishermen out there who don't have copies of Fly Fishing for Pacific Salmon are missing the best reference there is for all aspects of salmon angling with the fly. As soon as Les is finished with his new cutthroat book he's starting on a revised adition of the salmon book with a LOT more information on fishing the beaches, which was little-known or practiced when the book was originally published.
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