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Just got back from a trip to the Cowlitz and had a truly fantastic time with Sea-Runs. The fish are in the river in good numbers and the average size fish is 15-18 inches. My wife and I were able to catch and release 18 fish in the last hour and 1/2 of light.

The river is virtually empty of people right now in the sections above I-5. There are still good numbers of fresh steelhead moving through the river but Tacoma Power and Light has been dropping the flows from 4500 during the week to about 2800 on the weekends making the bite slower.

We had good luck using a rolled-mudler. The fish wanted the fly retrieved in short quick 3 inch strips. The fish would usually hit during the brief hesitation before your next strip. The take was HARD!!! You gotta love the strike from these fish.

I've tried to upload a picture of one of the fish with the fly. (The picture is 14K so I hope it's not too big to download. I appologize in advance if it's too slow.)

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