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Seattle Beaches SRC's

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wanted to get a little more insider info about chasing SRCs and coho on Seattle beaches. Are they in all year? What is the best kind of structure to look for on beaches? Any general pointers would be appreciated

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Generally cutts run up into the rivers in the fall and come back out in the spring but sometimes only stay in the rivers for short period of time so even in winter there are always a few cruising the salt. We fish mostly easy gradient beaches with cobbles, boulders, pilings, points, light current rips, creek mouths, eel grass, you name it as long as it's not just flat and sandy. We often catch fish very close to shore and usually strip 1.5 - 3 inch baitfish patterns and a stripping basket is very helpful. Of course you could write volumes but sea run cutts are often still pretty mysterious fish even to the biologists and guides.
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