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I am selling my bead box. I just dont use it any more. It has all different beads and great hooks. The list of all the beads is below.

10mm peach= 8
10mm cheese= 11
10mm pink= 20
10mm pearl pink= 24
10mm hot pink= 1
10mm orange roe= 9
10mm pearl orange= 11
8mm peach= 20
8mm pink= 9
8mm chrome pink= 24
8mm hot orange=13
6mm chrome pink= 23
Hooks are size 8-4= 19

This lot of beads also comes with a box. Some of the beads also have the blood dots on them. This is a great collection of beads, my personal favorites. I am asking 22.00 shipped for all of it. Send me a pm if you have any questions.

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