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Selway River, ID

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The Clearwater is clear again! I went up a few weeks ago and it looked like a raging Mississippi River, needless to say the fish weren't biting that day. Yesterday was different. Landed 6 fish, 3 each of cutthroat and rainbow. A 14" cutthroat was my biggest on the fly rod yet! Wish I could have taken a photo but I'm nervous about handling a camera, rod and fish all at the same time while wading in the water. Pretty sure something is going into the drink and it'll end up costing me $$$.

Great day on the river though, can't wait to get back in 4 days for a long weekend.

Caught a 14" cutthroat here and my dog Kimber tried to eat it while it was still on the line. In the end I was able to get it landed and released unharmed so hopefully I can catch it again this weekend ;)

Kimber wants me to put the camera down and get back to fishing.

Kimber scouting for fish. She loses her mind when one strikes at the surface.

That's it, see you guys/gals out on the water!
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I spent two summers working for IDFG conducting fish surveys in the Selway Bitteroots and can tell you that it was the best job I have ever had. I was paid 3.15 an hour and I felt over paid. If you ever get a chance hike up to the confluence with moose creek above the falls......incredible dry fly fishing for westslope CT. Enjoy.
Nice report and piqs. That is such a beautifull area. I was out there 2 years ago and fished its tributaries and did well. One day I should try the stream itself!
Nothing wrong with your great report and no fish photos. You had the fish in mind and future anglers will thank you for that. The photos you did include make it
look like a heck of a nice trip for sure. Thanks for sharing.
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