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Nice Point.

The problem is that even Lee Wulff got skunked regularly.

In other words, luck has some factor even for the professors of flyfishing.

Faith is another factor.

If you don't believe that your fly will work, it won't.

If at first you have no faith and then you "accidentally" catch a fish on a fly you have never used before, your level of faith goes up and you will start learning methods on how to improve your technique on fishing the fly.

Sooner or later you will find yourself pulling out the same fly every time you get in the water given location and season.

i.e.-1pm July 1st 1990, caught 10 fish on a PMD parachute fishing the pocketwater below Ringer.

12pm July 12th 1997, caught 4 fish on a PMD parachute fishing the seam just below Ringer accross from the island on the right bank.

11:45am July 8th 2002, caught 6 fish on a PMD parachute fishing the rip rap half mile from the Cle Elum boat ramp

This didn't really happen but I could give you example after example where it did happen.
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