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SFR..for the old fuxx

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Tried tonite to download some Buffalo Springfield onto the site but the gremlins gathered my humble offering and spit it into the obissssse. This is one of the most classic group of the times..before CSN&Y. Google em if you haven't heard em..one of my favs.
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Danced to them live at the Civic in Chehalis in the 60s. Wow, flashback!

Ok, my turn. What does this have to do with fishing.

Remember back when all of those groups had good sounds/tunes coming out of them. Today's music just don't cut it.
I saw these guys live in Long Beach in 1968 ( I think it was May) and it was a great show. That's about all I can remember of the sixties except for a little fly fishing in Michigan that year.
Old man, because it is some outstanding road trip music that I'll be listening to when I visit you in god's country, expecting a guided trip w/ shore lunch and adult beverages. Stay posted for details, you old fart.
I seen them at a street dance back in the late sixties. I think. Can't remember much about back then for some reason. Everytime I try to remember all I see is crazy colors on everything and tracers all over. Somebody talking in the background about seeing god and offering me another toke.
O Kerry..I think I've seen those same colors. GOOD TIMES.
Shit, when I start trying to remember old music. I think of Frank Sinatra in his younger years. Is that far enough back for all you youngsters
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