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Picked up one about a month ago and love it. Had it stuffed in my PFD for three days of IV-V whitewater kayaking in NY and it performed like a dream. Only snag I've encountered is that the video card on my '07 Macbook can't handle the files and I had to de-tune them a bit in order to edit the footage.

One especially cool feature is that it shoots at 60fps at 720p, which makes any footage you capture come out way cleaner.

Not that anyone cares about whitewater kayaking here, but this 60fps footy that I shot makes me think that this camera would capture an airborne steelhead in all its glory without missing a frame:

*Uploaded at waaaay less than full quality. Footy is amazingly clear straight off of the camera.
Also worth checking around the web as the camera can be found for ~$125 with no tax and free shipping. Almost enough savings to cover a spare battery and/or a good chunk of an SD card.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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