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Shaft Length For Electric Trolling Motor

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I have a friend that has a clackacraft 15" LP driftboat. I am thinking about getting him an electric trolling motor. I called clackacraft and they said a telescopic shaft which I can't find and assume it would be expensive. Wondering if anyone has similar problem Shaft length come in 30 and 36" It looks like 30# trust is more than enough to power his boat.
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I never heard of a telescoping shaft for an electric trolling motor. I have never had any shaft length issues. You just need to be sure from where the motor is sitting on the transom that there is enough length to submerge the prop and motor under the water and not have it bobbing out of the water. I've only purchased saltwater models and my shaft length choices have been 36" or 42".
I'd lean towards 36" - 30 lbs is enough to navigate downstream but not up. Don't skimp on power, 55 lbs will move you up through moderate currents.
36 or 42" seem the norm for modern models.
55 lbs minimum for a light boat, one body with minimal gear with no wind and a light current to move upstream.
36 long shaft is fine for that kind of boat, remember you can adjust how low the motor will submerge in the water, the whole shaft slides up and down on the mount. Telescopic feature is of the throttle grip, it can slide out to make it longer.

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I'd go with 55 # thrust. I have used a 28 lb thrust and a 55 lb thrust on my pram and think the more power the better. It's easy to "throttle" down but hard to past max if you only have the smaller thrust motor. Not much difference in price, but my advice would be to stay with a 12 v motor.
I've got a 101lb thrust saltwater that works great on my Willie 18x60
I also have a 20 year old 30lb thrust that works as well.
Just not as well going against current, but fine everywhere else.
It's all about the current and not so much the boat size. I used a 33# on a 17ft Walleye boat on the lakes for 20 years. In current that's about the right power for a canoe. Current plus a downstream wind and you don't want to be way underpowered. There shouldn't be that much difference in price to get something in the 50-55# range.
Thanks to all for the info. 36" shaft it is Probably go to the 55 thrust
What would totezmcfloatz say?
"Oar that boat you sissy"
" motor boats suck ass"

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