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A Belgian's take on M.O.M. patterns. Found the copper tinsel; hiding in plain sight

hook - Dai Riki 075 #8
thread - Danville 6/0 tan/MFC 8/0 rusty brown (had a change of heart on head dubbing at the end)
tail - teal flank/partridge tail
rib - brassie wire copper
underbody - dubbing
body - copper mylar
throat - partridge
wing - partridge
hackle - partridge
head - dubbing rusty brown

mash barb; start thread, tie in rib, wrap to bend

measure (shank length) some teal flank; tie in

top with some partridge tail fibers; trim

dub tapered underbody

tie in tinsel

touching wraps to tail and back; tie off/trim

rib body; helicopter end, cover with thread

tie in partridge by tip; wrap, tie off/trim

stroke fibers down, cover with thread

measure (tips slightly past bend) a pair of partridge feathers; tie in/trim

tie in another partridge feather by the tip; wrap, tie off/trim

dub thread

dub head, realize you have the wrong color thread, back off, switch thread, dub again, whip finish, SHHAN


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"dub head, realize you have the wrong color thread, back off, switch thread, dub again..."

Priceless. Seriously, this gives hope to all of us struggling tyers. When one sees only perfection in videos and SBS's, it's easy to feel like no one else ever makes mistakes. Thank you for sharing!

PS. Someone should do a blooper tying video!
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