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Question on this fly. Does anyone else have a problem with this fly floating when it hits the water? The Farrar blend seems to hold a lot of air in the material which I assume is what causes it to float (even with the cone). I find it distracting when I fish and even though the line tension pulls it under I always wonder how deep it's really fishing.
It has a big nickel cone head on it... sinks like a rock!

By the way, this is a GREAT fly. First time I saw one was when Anil tied a chartreuse one for me in the shop. In that color, he ties (or at least did) with a grizzly hackle on each side to create a barred effect.

I'll be fishing these with blue backs during the first week of June at Lake Crescent. Although they are a "saltwater pattern," if you ask me, with a blue back it's a perfect kokanee fry.

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