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We made it to Chopaka lake by 11am on Fri. We got the last camping spot with a table. I was surprised to see so many people at the lake at this time of the year. It was very windy and we only had are caddis kick boats which made it impossible to kick to the south end. My girlfriend decided she would camp over night at the lake. We were able to fish a few hrs on fri and she caught a few fish and lost a few more because of poor hook up's in the windy conditions. She was a little frustrated in loosing 3 or 4 big fish but I told her she would have landed them if it was calm. I ended up with six but three of them were dinks at about 6 inches. We were fishing deep with buggers but others who braved the windy condictions were catching fish, some were even caught on dries.
We ate some great venison kabobs and drank some cheap port and whiskey, a little bit too much whiskey for me. Woke up on Sat morning with grouse hunting in mind but was too dehydrated and tired to think about going. Took the dogs for a walk up the road above the lake to help clear my aching head. Guess What, the wind was back in force again and it was only 8 am bawling:. My girlfriend and I made one pass in the deep water and got out at the last take out on the north end of the lake. I walked back and got my truck and picked up are pontoon boats. I made another pass and hooked a good fish but fishing deep was slow for me. We spent most of the morning and early afternoon in camp which was boring. Told a friend I meet him in Coconully on sat night and have a beer, the f er never showed up which got my girlfriend pissed as she would have spent another night up at Chopaka:mad:. And guess what, the wind was calming down as we were leaving at 4:30 pm. Drove the rutted road past Blue lake and, boy was it ever low. Got a late start on Sunday and decided to fish Green lake on the way home. Guess what, the wind was back. The good news was that I was able to catch 11 fish in 3 hrs with my new 5 wt rod. I used my intermediate line with a damsel nymph to catch most of them. Six of them were in the 16-18 inch size range. Only me and another tuber on the lake, oh and two poachers. Green is CR until Nov 1 when its open to bait fishing , but who reads the regs? One of the poachers was living in a camping trailer and had all his dirty dishes soaking in the lake. There was a fair amount of trash left in the spots were people were bait fishing :mad: Bastards.
Despite the wind, and lack luster fishing success, we both had a good time in God's country for the weekend :thumb:
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