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Shrimp dictating, for Ira

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Auto correct made the title of this thread shrimp dictating. Which I failed to notice until it was up, oh well it was supposed to say Shrimpdicating. Well we'll take an opportunity to suggest this was Napoleon Bonaparte's favorite Technique when exiled to Elba...

The lazy shrimp run continues, Little light brown guys floating out on the tide. I tied some shrimp flies out of rabbit fur and an old stuffed animal that no longer resembles a lion. Suspended one about two feet under a bobber, cast it out with my pole and let it drift out on the tide. Wind waves presumably made it move like a shrimp and when the float went down like the French fleet at Trafalgar there was nothing subtle about it. The bite died off right when the wind jumped from 5 to 10 mph...

Next challenge is coming up with Napoleon Dynamite's favorite skill-based fishing technique
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Nunchucks?I have never had great luck with shrimp as a searching pattern, but obviously you've gotten the match the hatch scenario down here.
This is in a sand/mud bottomed estuary scenario, fishing gullies and drainage, not the kind of bottom like in your avatar. Although the SRC may hammer fish imitations, some days I know they are there (jumping, etc) and no badly tied clousers of mine are appealing, for instance yesterday no love on clousers or poppers.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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