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Simms waders

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:thumb::thumb: Six years ago I had my fill of leaky waders. Models from Cabela's and Orvis were nothing more than a subscription as I had to keep sending them back to be replaced. And always on my nickel. After my 3rd pair of Orvis, the Orvis guy advised me to not buy anymore and buy Simms instead. He gave me credit for what I had already spent on the Orvis waders so I wasn't out very much cash. I bought the cheapest pair of Simms that I could primarily because they were the only models without gravel guards. I don't know if you can even get them like that anymore. Kinda like trying to find a pickup with roll-up windows.

After 6 years and well over 200 outings they have developed their first tiny leak. It is on a seam in the butt, a tiny seep is starting up and it will be easy to fix. The waders look rough, dirty, frayed and just generally well used which they indeed are.

To me they have performed beyond my wildest expectations as no other brand had ever given me over 2 years of leak-free performance before.

It is satisfying to have a piece of gear that you depend on so much be that good for so long. I mince no words about crappy equipment so it is nice to give these waders a big 2 thumbs up.

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Another thumbs up for Simms. After well more than 100 days of hard use my first pair of Simms waders began to leak a little. I sent them back to Simms and for a relatively modest amount (which I don't remember) they replaced the feet and sealed all leaks. I don't use these waders too often any more but they work as good as new.
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