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hey physicists

Does a tip rated at 5 ips sink at this rate regardless of current speed?
Does the salt in salt water decrease the sink rate because of buoyancy ?
And if a tip is rated at sinking 5 ips does a one foot of section sink the same as 15 feet of it?


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The tip does not sink at the same rate independent of current speed. If you want your tip to go deeper, you need to cast upstream to allow the tip to sink before the downward current and the upward force of being connected to your rod bring the sink tip upward.

Salt water does tend to make the tips more bouyant so when in salt water either wait longer for your tip to sink and/or add more weight.

As for the 3rd questions, a one foot section would sink at the same rate as a 15 foot section IF they were allowed to sink independently. However, if the tip is only 1 foot long, it will not sink quite as fast as if the tip is 15 feet long because the shorter tip is being bouyed up by the floating line.

Remember that tips sink faster not necessarily because they have more weight, but because they are more dense. I just purchased a type 8 tip which casts well and sinks pretty fast. I like it much better than my "deep water express" which I believe is nearly 800 grains. That heavy of a tip gets down, but then its a bit tough to cast.

By the way, I actually did major in physics...lol!

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