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Well 4 feet is nothing depth wise so you can reach the bottom with just a float line and some weight. It's too early for much top water action. I would reverse your tactics instead of working from the top down work from the bottom up. I'd used something with enough weight to get to the bottom and stay there. A strong weed guard to keep from get hung up is always nice to have. Those largemouth can chop down with authority and will crush a weed guard made of 100 lb mono. Just look at the heavy weed guards on some of the modern jigs gear guys use. Since your coming up 5' feet short get it out here and do a real slow retrieve with plenty of pause time so they feel they can come to your offering without having to run it down. Largemouth are often sluggish so if your fly is just sitting there they can be more inclined to come take a look.. Colors.... black w/ purple or blue or red.. some flash. Since your seeing some swirls maybe the water is warm even they are in pre-spawn fattening up mode. Try a Murdich Minnow... strip and stop/pause.

Generally you start out slow and deep then speed up and move up the water column as the water warms.

If your seeing some numbers of LM in just 4' of water then they are pre-spawn. Otherwise look for them where those shallower flats drop off to deeper water, just off the flat along the incline.

Some people think bass are always aggressive. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Patience early season can make all the difference. Weather looks like it will warm up plenty by weeks end. That should get those shallow water fish fired up and draw more fish out of deep water! I'll try to put some fly photos up later in the week.

Good Luck
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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