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skagit river saturday

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I want to thank everyone for not being on the river it was a great last day for me and my partner 3 drifts boat and 3 sleds. We had the whole river to are self. P.S. the guy in the white dodge.Your one lucky guy.:)
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I was out, though briefly...long enough for a cigar...work a run and try out a few flies...Saw a white dodge opposite me on the river...guy was planted in a riffle down from me..worked down to above him and then walked back up....Wonder if the same guy? Anyways..should have stayed the day but had commitments...Sad it took me this long to start fishing my own rivers for a change...

Thank you for not being on the same part of the river I was on, since we didn't see one another. At 3 drift boats and 3 sleds, your idea of having the river to yourself is considerably different than mine. To each his own. T'was a bit rainy and blustery, but any day fishing beats any day doing something else.

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