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Fellow fly anglers!

I'm driving up to the upper Skeena with a friend on a self-guided trip leaving next Friday, but we've had a few people in the party cancel last minute. I'm looking for up to three people to join us for a week of fishing, based out of Banner Moutainlodge south of Smithers. I'm driving up from Seattle and leaving on the 7th and will be returning on the 16th. I can take up to two more folks with me in my car.

The house is booked from the 9th-16th and the TOTAL lodging cost for the week is $1,200 US, split 4-6 ways. A rental car will be $900 in total if we rally more than four people. These are the only set costs! It's just food, fuel and licenses otherwise... If you have a WaterMaster then we'll have lots more opportunities available.

Come skate a dry fly and swing up some steel with us!

Thanks for your time!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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