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Skunked at Dry Falls

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Yikes! Haven't fished dry falls in more than 15yrs. Got a few bites trolling various bugger/leech patterns on a sink tip and no action on chromonids.

Got there about 6am. Was in water by 7am. Got way out on lake and realized I had forgot to hang my discover pass. Back in. Back out for a bit and got a leak in my float tube. Slow leak, so worked my way back in. Found the leak, got it patched had some lunch then back out. Fished till about 3pm. Nothing.

I don't know a lot about algae blooms and all but the water didn't seem very healthy. Lots of algae. I remember it being gin clear. Course that was over 15yrs ago.

I have Saturday open here on the east side. Any good suggestions lake wise? Besides dry falls.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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