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Sky 6/20

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Fished down in the main stem at a favorite hole--it's changed somewhat since the fall--new slots and gravel bars. Viz was good, water temp 48F. Very fishy looking, but...

...not even a bump....

Looking forward to warmer temps and the floating line!

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Did some bushing whacking and scouting around yesterday as well. water was SUPER fishy and could not believe neither of us hooked into a fish. found access to a run with a swwwweeet tailout that I cant wait to fish at lower flows this summer...

can someone say SKATERS!!!
I wonder if you are the Eric I met one winter's day--you tried out my scandi set-up. Was that you?

Spent a few hours floggin' some water today with nary a bump. I did however see a huge river otter skitter across the path 20' ahead, and a nighthawk making some good lunch from the hatch coming off the water. An osprey watched for a while, but he was smart to move along.
Hey Tom,

Was not me, but maybe I'll see you out there some time, or on the Snoq.


Good to hear you are getting out some! how's the little one?

Eric, the little one is great! I got the hall pass for my first father's day. I can see this becoming a 'tradition' :thumb: How's your little one doing? We'll have to get them together one of these days...
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