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Nice day for fishing- water is warming up, lots of Steel and Kings in the system, seen my buddy hook-up Steel on a dry no less. My day was uneventful but still good to get out, should just get better over the next few weeks.

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Gad, love reading reports on Washington Rivers. Save for one or two times haven't wet a line there since the late 80's. Last trip of note was a 'Cow' guided trip with Steve Buckner (hope I spelled the fellows last name correctly). Dry day for me (others hooked fish) but it wasn't a case of fish not there .... you could see the damned things laying off the bottom in several of the runs. Just no interest in my 'burnt offerings.'

PS: Steve makes a very tasty beach lunch, and God was I hungry!!! GOBBLED THAT BABY RIGHT UP!! I'm a light eater, but did ask (Please, Pretty, Pretty Please!) are there 'seconds?' There were. :>
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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