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Skykomish Area This Weekend

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Firstly, isn't my wife nice for booking me a cabin on the Skykomish this weekend? I mean, what a sweetheart, honestly. She booked it at Christmas time last year, so how should she have known that what she thought was going to be a nice fishing trip for me would be messed up by the salmon closure. [sad trombone].

I'm going anyway, and will do my best to find still waters and those streams that are above water falls big enough that they are staying open. I've been spending a lot of time looking at maps and the regs and such, but if anyone has any thoughts about just how slammed the lakes are going to be (pent up fishing demand is strong I imagine) versus the productivity of very high mountain streams, I'm all ears.
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Look at lake Isabel in Gold Bar, hard to get to but suposedly has some big fish. Bring a float tube!
thanks bk, will do.

It gets worse - two of the places I identified to go have washouts on the roads to access them! I guess on the bright side, that means less fishing pressure :/
Fisherman are lazy, and most hikers don't fish. If you can mix the two together you will find some fishable water. Follow BK advice...pretty solid bet
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