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The float is easy. Keep in mind the river is droppin fast and there are a couple of skinny spots. The first turn after the drop in is a little weird, stay left and keep the bow pointed in the right direction and its all gravy. You will be fine, don't forget to fish that nice run right after that first corner, it's long and fishy best from the left side if you are looking downstream. Good luck! The drift is an all day so don't forget food and beer.

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We drifted the Skykomish for the first time today. We caught a couple of dollys. We were after wintersteel head. No hookups!

The river was a fairly easy float. The most difficult part of the float was right at the drop in at High Bridge. The water was a little low and we slammed a boulder and took some water.

Thanks for the advice on staying to the left after the first bend.
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