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In June my girlfriend and me went to Tirol/Austria for some camping, climbing and fishing in the mountains with our VW camping bus.
After the first day of filming, we were super tired and had quite a steep and dangerous ascent in front of us to get to a path - there would have been a long and easy way too...
Anyway, there was this last pool, camera equipment etc all packed up for the ascent:

"That was a rise, I´ll give it a shot"
"Should I take out the camera again?"
"Na, not worth it"

Well, my gf estimated it at 18", I at 17", so it was probably over 8". A really big fish for that water...

After that we visited a friend in Innsbruck for a day and wanted to go climbing to the Zillertal. But the weatherforecast was bad so we decided to go home. We had to go through Bavaria. That day over 80 people got hurt there at a public event because of hail. It was a heavy thunderstorm, trees, stones and mud were on the streets. Most people did the right thing, they looked for shelter for their cars. We had such fun driving and listening to that song in permanent loop. I used it for the video. The VW didn´t have a scratch.

Enjoy :)

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