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Well I am off to West Yellowstone. I will be thinking about all of you jokers while I am picking off fat cutts browns and bows all over that wonderful land of kingsize Trout. }( }( }( I'll be back next Monday with pictures and a full report.

Jim, your skunky shark bait stink curse better not follow me east of the Cascades or I will hunt you down, steal your teeth and auction them off on Ebay.:reallymad

Much love,


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Where have you been, man? I haven't seen any post of yours since you fled to Canada with all those midges. I asked Mattzoid what happened to you and he said you fell in the Hoh, got stuck in a gill net and you were thrown in the back of a pickup with a bunch of fish and hauled off to Mexico. How was it down south?
Babbyo :beer2
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