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searun gave good advice above when he said Lagoon Pt. to Bush Pt. for access.

But if you are on the northern part I assume you will be close to Deception pass. You may not have to go far to find fish at that time right where you are camping. Maybe even Cranberry Lake Beach and Deception Pass St. Park beach areas. A lot of fish go in through Deception Pass heading up the Skagit. You will also find fish mixing in that area going to the nothern rivers. Anywhere you can get to the beach should be good.

Here is a good tip for the north. Find Troxell Rd. on your map, go east and access Skagit Bay looking at Hope Island from Jones Road. Very nice spot inside Skagit Bay.

I think a few should be going thru that early but the outside of Whidbey is probably where you should be at that time.

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