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Drove past the Sky on Wensday/5th Stopped at several spots Prison, Monroe, Ben Howard, 2 bit, and a couple of other spots. Didn't fish, River was high but fishable. Saw no fish and only 3 gear/plunkers on the river. Saw only 5 Trailer rigs all the way up the river and 3 boats on the river. Didn't go to Rieder Ponds so no idea how many there. This is the least amount of people and boat rigs I have ever seen on the river. javascript:smilie(':OO')

I do have 2 questions:

1. Is there a way to get reports on the whole or any part of the Snohomish River system? I mean not just fly fishers but from plunkers & gear guys besides this forum? Some where I can call or go to on the net as my resources for info on this system has dwindled to zip other than what I get from you guys. javascript:smilie(':(')

2. I have a Lampson 3.5 reel and may be in the market for 1 or 2 spare spools, depends on cost as funds are very very tight right now. anyone know where I might be able to find a good price on new or used spools?

:( :( :( :(
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