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Nice fish. I feel that a fish can be kept out of the water long enough to photo as long as it is not a very small fish. Was on Goose lake on Mt Adams a week ago with its very clear water and I saw 4 dead fish. One had been stuck into the weeds on a strong fishing line and died. 2 had taken the bait deep and had been released and the other one I could not get to. I have found I do not have to touch most fish to take photos of them. I myself pick up the fish using the hook and set it down sometimes on a wet towel. This works without having to ever touch the fish so that it does not lose any slim or get held to hard. If the fish is really big or in current I do use a net. The only trouble is sometimes they get off the hook and flip back into the lake before I get the photo. Had it happen last Friday on my first Whitefish I have ever caught while fishing Bumping lake. I was hopping to get a photo of it because I like having a photo of each type of fish I have caught on a fly. I fished every day for the past two weeks all over Western Washinton and I would guess that not a single one of the fish I caught were killed even the ones I took photos of. I did keep all fish in the water until the camera was out and ready and lucky for me the spashing has not seemed to hurt the camera yet. Most of the fish I have handled this way swim away like they had never left the water. I feel but have no proof that the things that kill the fish are as follows. Keeping it out of the water to long, grabbing the fish to hard, trying to remove a hook taken deep, eye or gill hooked fish, pulling small fish out of the water at all ie trout under 8", releasing a fish in fast moving water. and of course cleaning and cooking it up. I maybe forgetting something on this list. One thing I have been told is to not touch the gills becase that is the weakest part of the fish for fungus to grow and kill it when the protective slim is removed. Well for what its worth that my take on it.
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