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Snoq Pass campground ?

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Does anyone know about a campground on the Yak, just east of the pass and just down stream from Keechelus? I know I fished there, I think it was called Crystal Springs. Anyways, I can't find anything concerning said cg on the internets, so I turn to my fellow WFF'ers for knowledge.
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Take the Stampede Pass/Kachess Lake exit and hang a right at the stop sign. Campground entrance is right where the road turns to the left before crossing the Yak. There is about 12-15 spots, some along the river. Expect traffic noise from I-90 since it is right alongside.Trails head upstream towards Keechelus Dam and also downstream. There are a few spots where its easier to wet wade/swim across than buck brush. Hope this helps.Mike
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