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According to Merriam Webster a forum is: "a public meeting place for open discussion c : a medium (as a newspaper) of open discussion or expression of ideas". I like that concept, particularly with respect to fishing. I have learned a lot being part of this forum. It has helped me count to 10, chose my words carefully, and laugh at myself too. This has been lots of fun too!
Lord knows I don't always agree with any or all of you. But generally speaking, I respect what you have to say. Sometimes days after reading a post the lights come on and I'm able to say, "guess I was wrong about that".
Mostly I get inspired to streach my envelope of fishing. I get hooked (pun always intended) by stories of different roads to new waters for me. As a result I feel my appreciation of fishing has deepened significantly. Heck, I've hand crafted everything but a landing net, and I have lumber and instructions on how to do that.
I've met some real nice folks here and eaglerly await our next outing. I've also run across some buttheads, I'm sure some folks think I'm one from time to time also, I can be.
I guess I just wanted to thank Chris, the forum, and all of you out there for enriching this process. See you at Dry Falls soon. Later...


Good things come to those who wade...
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