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Trailer not included.

It is time to sell my 13' AIRE Super Puma. Except for the last few years it has been stored in the garage partially inflated and carefully maintained. Since our move a few years ago I have had to store it deflated and roll up and just don't have the space anymore.

Comes with everything you need including 3 Carlisle oars, pump, 2 thwarts, fishing frame, ropes, anchors, PFDs, Outcast seat organizer and many more items. A few times each year I load it up and 3 of us fish. She still handles great. The setup is pictured and I can send more pics if interested.

The boat is a 1997 and I Purchased it used in about 2003 or so and I have been the sole owner ever since. The only real blemish -other than normal wear and tear- is a rip in the bow of the boat that occurred a few years ago. The boat was sent directly to AIRE and the boat was repaired with a seam weld and the work is solid and guaranteed. Not only did they professionally repair the rip, but, added new valves and did a full "tune up." Will provide pics of the repair upon request.

If you are looking for an relatively inexpensive way to get on the water this is your opportunity. PM me if you want more details or want to swing by and take a look.

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