Spring cleaning continues. Picked this up from a member last year, TX Trout who is an incredible builder. He used this in Tierra Del Fuego for Migratory Browns and liked it with 540-650 Grain Skagit. I grabbed this for a trip, but the trip fell apart, so I'll pass it along. It's a very nice build with down-locking reelseat over wood spacer and mildrum style stripping guides. Built on an Angler's Roost blank that is listed as 9/10 but is more of an 8/9 according to Robert and others over on Spey Pages. Balanced well with Hardy Marqis Salmon 2 or similar. Comes with sock only but will be packed carefully. Offering up for what I paid. $OLD. No trades needed. Great stick for Salmon if you need a primary or back up.