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I bought the rod and line and line last week (I have receipts) at a moment of impulsiveness. Lawn cast it once, love the rod A LOT but have Winston and Sage rods that already cover this base. I would prefer pickup Maupin OR which we can arrange $25 extra to ship CONUS. If you can find even a micro-scratch on the rod (or even rod tube) Ill give you the rod at no cost. Cash or Paypal preferred. I have too many rods and have to take a firm stand on the gear acquisition sickness and my preference for a 4weight is a presentation rod (Trout LL and Winston Pure, the Winston Pure 4weight was designed by a rod design deity it is so good). Frankly, this rod is a 4.5 or 4.75weight and would work for all presentation rod, even with moderate wind. It casts beautifully with the MPX line (1/2 weight heavy, slightly front loaded for faster rods). RIO Gold is too light, RIO Grand makes the rod a bit sluggish. The older lines like Cortland 444 overweighted in a 5weight (which I am a fan for moderate action rods) don't have enough front taper for casting the short less than 30feet game. The MPX, IMHO, is the perfect taper for this rod.
The last Sage X sold on WA fly fish was $675, and they are selling out of the shops now for $760. The rumor is the new Sage R8 in the 4weight is not stellar, but the 5 and 6weight are very, very good, but my guess is they will sell in $1100 range (ouch!). This is a screaming good deal. - Al Neves


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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