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SOLD_Sage Circa 8ft9in 5wt

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I have too many 5weights and have been thinning all my rod selection (I have 3 moderate action 5weights now
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!). This rod is a classic moderate action 5weight presentation oriented rod, is in very good, but has been used a few times. I have the warranty card that has not been sent in yet. The pictures clearly indicate it has never been sat down in the rocks, the butt is not scratched, nor is the reel seat, ferrules are perfect. I bought this at Fly Fishers in Welches at sale price last year. I cast and fished it a few times and love the slower action. It cast very nicely with SA Trout, or the RIO Technical Trout tapers. It is a fantastic rod for casting short game 10 to out to 50feet (it is not a 60+ feet casting rod), such as caddis under the trees on Deschutes, great for Metolius Golden Stones, PMD's, BWO in the back eddies during winter (it roll casts wonderfully). Pickup in the greater Portland Metro area (Hillsboro/Beaverton) garners a $20 discount rod price would then be $390, which is a screaming deal for a rod that initially sold for $850 (I didnt pay anywhere near that). They are going on ebay for $500 and some change.

This rod would be great in your arsenal with a fast 5weight 9ft (Sage Sonic, Sage X, Scott Radian, etc). Since it is a little shorter than 9foot and has Konnetic technology it is deadly accurate.

Here is an interesting review of the rod: https://gorgeflyshops.blogspot.com/2013/03/sage-circa-review.html

I also live in Maupin OR, for a pickup as well. pm me, Ill share cell for texting. Thanks, Al Neves
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So, just to clarify, the price shipped is $390 or picked up locally is $390?
Sorry for the confusion. If you pickup in either Maupin or Hillsboro OR area it is $390, otherwise Ill probably charge $20 for shipping. There is a 2weight Circa on Ebay right now for $500. This is a good deal IMHO.

Thanks - Al
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Al, I'll take it.
I'm running out the door for an appt., will contact you when I return.
Al, I sent you a PM.
I sent you a PM, feel free to call me.
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