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Sonar Titan Hover/sink 2/sink 4 Line....

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Anyone use this SA line for streamer fishing?? Thanks in advance....
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I have the Int>3>5 version and love it. I think what your are considering would be equally well receive on my part. Which version depends on the water depth, speed and intended target zone etc. I'll end up with all versions in 2017.
What type of fishing?? This should probably move to a PM type of thing.... thanks
Why P.M? I'm interested in these lines as well. Forum posts are my only source of intel at this point in time.

Where and what conditions are you using the inty-3-5 line ..fly sizes?

Forum posts are my only source of intel at this point in time.
Sounds like a plan.... lets do this thing... basically interested in all the new SA Sonars and Titans thanks... been slowly resorting back to SA this past few months
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I've used it on the Yakima for trout, got a steelhead on first cast on the Columbia. Bass too. I think it is pretty versatile. Just match the line to the situation.
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