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Went with the family to Bedal Campground this weekend and had some memorable times with the fly rod. My brother-in-law and I started out fishing tiny pools high up on the South Fork of the Sauk with sz. 16 caddis dries and small stimulators. We shortly after realized that the steelie parr were abundant, so we targeted the larger holes with larger dries to find some rainbows. The largest fish to hand was just under 12".

Saturday morning we found a deep crystal clear pool that was prime holding water for bullies. After walking down to waters edge my bro found the head of a very sizable bull trout and a pile of guts. I also found some ~12lb test tangled to some sticks on the ground (maybe they thought there were some kings in there). We fished the pool for about half an hour when WHAM... a 10" bow smacked my size 8 stimulator. Within 2-3 seconds my rod doubled over. "OH SHIT" I yelled.... a large Bull Trout had in its mouth the rainbow with my fly still intact. I let the pressure off the bow and soon after the Bull trout opened its mouth and let the bow go. My brother in law was screaming with excitement (he's from Missouri). I quickly realized my moment of opportunity and remembered my custom coho clouser that was still attached to my chest pack.

First cast.... boil. Second cast.... View attachment 33248 WHAM. I was onto my first pit bull. 5 minute fight and I had a beauty to behold. Quick release.
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