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Geez, man... it just occurred to me that maybe there's some poaching going on in sections. I mean, when people are asking somebody "where's the fish", implying they'd expect anybody to keep fish, how many other people could be up there camping, or visiting, keeping fish unawares, or maliciously? I hope it's not true.

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I went up there twice last week and did well both times on both dries and nymphs. I caught 13 fish in a 50 yard stretch of river off of exit 32 (right @ stop sign go past the golf course, and fish upstream). Parachute adams, yellow humpy, and beadhead nymphs worked for me. I did see some kids fishing with worms in the river a couple of weeks ago when I was fishing just outside of downtown N.Bend. I'm sure that it's a serious problem, judging by the # of empty worm containers I've found walking through the brush...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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