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South Fork Snoqualmie

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Only had a few free hours Saturday, so Donna and I blasted up to I-90 to drop into the South Fork Snoqualmie. Dry in Puyallup when we left, but steady drizzly rain from North Bend east.

Hit the river about 2:30 and in the next 2 hours, we each brought in 6 fish, ranging from my smallest (6 inches) to Donna's biggest (12 inches). I had a couple 8-9 inchers and one acrobatic 11 inch rainbow that did a couple impressive tail dances.

Still working out techniques for the underwater camera (Canon D10) so only got one decent pic (of the 8 inch 'bow). Purple Haze flies from Troutwater (formerly: Yakima River Fly Shop) in Cle Elum proved the most effective flies -- sizes 12-16 -- but Irresistibles also drew some attention.
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Excellent Photo Dan!
Nice photo, sounds like you all had a great time.
Great photo Dan. Thanks for sharing. Another river system I've yet to explore. What's not to like about all the options in the PNW?
Great picture! I was also on the south fork on saturday. I caught five fish in two hours
Great photo Dan. Thanks for sharing. Another river system I've yet to explore. What's not to like about all the options in the PNW?
Not all rivers have fish in them like this one over on the wet side. Most of the river and creeks that dump into the Sound only have fish in them at certain times of the year. It's finding them times that make for good fishing. The rest of the time those places suck. And I could name many of them, but I won't. That is something you all have to find out by yourselves. It's called the learning curve.

Here's a hint. Rivers that have an impassable barrier on them like Falls, usually have half way good fishing in them after run off.
Nice pic & sounds like a fun trip. I, too played in the water Sunday evening . . . encountered only Brown Trout . . . sewer back-up. Yours was the more preferable adventure & if I had an underwater camera, I doubt I'd have immersed it. Was able to use some antique equipment (30-year-old Craftsman wet/dry vac & and the lower boot-foot segments from a pair of '70's Cabelas waders), plus skills I acquired years ago as a Pipefitter/Plumber. Encountered wildlife (a drain snake & a waterlogged mouse which the Jack Russell quickly dispatched . . . confirmed that dogs have no taste & explained why they can drink frog water with no ill-effects . . . ). Fortunately, flows were low & over a cobbled bed (thank God my former bride convinced me to lay lots of ceramic tile a few years back.). Thankfully, temps are supposed to be lower in the Basin today, 'cuz it's gonna be breezy in the house this morning with all of the fans running . . . life's an adventure . . . enjoy the fun ones . . . reading yours put the first smile on my craggy face since midnight. Thanks for the post, Dan!
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Good pic there Dan! That's the kind of shots I would like to get with my new camera. I think they look so much better than the usual "hero" pic.

Great pic! Word of warning though, my Canon D10 just leaked and is ruined. I've had it a little over a year with pretty steady use. It's too bad as I LOVED the camera until it leaked. Despite being "Waterproof to 10 meters" Canon offers no warranty for water damage so I'm SOL. Many others have had this issue with the D10 if you search the internet.

I may still buy another one though, I liked the camera that much!
Makes me feel better about the Pentax I ordered today (what can I say . . . I was inspired! I don't take many pics above water . . . maybe I'll take more if I don't have to pull the fish out of their element.). Sorry about your travails, however . . .
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