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Hey Guys and Gals,
South Sound Fly Fishers are putting on a potluck auction this year (Nov 12th). We thought we would do something a little different though. Since most of us already have too much stuff, we thought that instead of auctioning off fishing stuff, we would put an emphasis on fishing trips and other trips provided by club members and other fellow fly fishers (like you).

These trips can be anything from a trip down to our local deschutes, to a trip to Jackson Hole WY to fish the Snake with a local guide (we are working on this one now!). Since this is a family event we are also looking for things like wine tour trips, golf outings, Wild Waves passes and other things that the rest of the family would enjoy. Anything goes for this auction, I have a pilot buddy I'm working on to donate an hour plane ride around the Puget sound.

The proceeds will go to our Munn Lake project (a SSFF sponsored lake), SSFF conservation efforts (including our sea-run cutthroat awareness project) and the NW Youth Fly Fishing Academy.

If you have any ideas, trips to donate, or just want to make a monetary donation you can contact one of the following SSFF members.
Ryan Haseman, [email protected]
Gary Kellogg, [email protected]
Dave Field, [email protected]

All are welcome, come join us for the auction the more participation the better this will be!

Thank you for all your help and support

Ryan Haseman

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