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Spey for SRC

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I'm getting my first spey rod this week, a Sage 7130-4. It's a 13ft 7wt with a skagit line. I was wondering if anyone uses a system like this for SRC and Rezzies. I know it may be a little heavy, but will it work? It will be a great way to practice I think, and practice seems to be everything with spey casting. Looking for input, thanks
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I think a 5 wt. is perfect. Occasionally on a windy day a 6 wt is nice to have. Also a medium action 5wt. I think a fast action is too stiff and you will lose more fish during the fight. Sea runs love to shake their heads quite hard many times, and stick their noses in the rocks and oysters too. I think the shaking of their heads on a fast action stiff rod tends to lose more fish. They can make that tip "bounce" like hell at times! (Drives me crazy!) Oh, and add a little "twisting" to their fight too...
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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