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Spey for SRC

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I'm getting my first spey rod this week, a Sage 7130-4. It's a 13ft 7wt with a skagit line. I was wondering if anyone uses a system like this for SRC and Rezzies. I know it may be a little heavy, but will it work? It will be a great way to practice I think, and practice seems to be everything with spey casting. Looking for input, thanks
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Think of it in terms of the line weight. My opinion in that a head over 300gr or so is too much for sea-runs and juvenile resident coho. Just the resistance of the heavy line kills any fight.

I fish an 11' Meiser 4/5 Highlander and feel it's a little to much for the normal sea-run with a bottom end grain window of 300. A 3/4 would be better for the fight but not as good for the windy days. I'm very tempted by the thought of Bob's 12'6" 4wt S-rod with a 250gr scandi...

If your goal is to enjoy fishing for sea-runs & rezzies, it's too heavy. If your goal is to get in a lot of casting practice while having a chance to catch a fish, it should be fine.

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