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im planning on getting one of these rods in the near future but im not sure. should i be going with the spey rod or a switch rod? ive had 2 spey rods but desperite measures have caused me to sell them and i just want a new rod to cover my needs all year round. i was thinking something in the 7wt that would be good for both summer and winter. not sure if i want a switch or a spey. i have casted a switch once but that was a while ago and it was setup up with a spey setup. ill only really be using this for spey but would like to try some nymphing and dont really want to carry a single hand and a spey with me. i was thinking if i would go with a spey then it would be the Scott t2h 7wt 13and a half foot or something, and for switch then the beulah 7 wt switch. i can get either one of these forr the same price so its just what is more practical? ill probbaly end up doing more spey fishing though.


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What size of rivers do you plan on fishing? I have a 11'7wt DC switch that I mainly use for rivers like the Ronde. I line it with a skagit, scandi also have a delta that covers anything I want to do with it on the smaller rivers. I carry all three lines and one spare spool that way I keep the delta on one spool and can easily swap the skagit or scandi on the other. When it comes to the larger rivers ie.. Snake and Clearwater I prefer the Spey rod! I have a 13', a couple of 14'ers and am currently in the hunt for a 15'. In reading your post is sounds like you don't know what you want to do, then you answer your question in you last sentence. You'll get a lot of advice I'm sure, but you need to make up your mind what it is you really want to do and go for it... if it turns out not what you thought....sell it and move on to some thing else. Or call Poppy and test out some rods and lines!

Best of luck

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Well I can't comment on a Spey rod becasue I've never used one but I own the Beulah 7/8 Switch rod and its one hell of a nymphing rig with the right line. I've been told that it spey casts very good with the right line also but haven't tried it.

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i own both....a 7wt Spey is what i would do.. i own both spey and switch but if you are looking all around just get a spey. You can do everything with it, except skinny water....but even at that i have seen some pictures of some guys who have used speys on water they could reach the other bank with their rod on this site :)

A good two hander can get you out of any situation as I was tossing some big chickens last week is some serious cover with almost zero clearance. A good backbone and snappy rod is key since a Switch does not even have the capability of handling tight cover due to a build on a small blank. Just my crack smokin experience so I would ask someone who really knows, Switch rods have there place on the salt or small streams. Do yourself a favor and call Meiser and buy a good two hander!

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Stewart, your new avatar is seriously disappointing.

I saw you'd posted on this thread and though it might be worth a look to see if you'd put us some new eye-candy.

That's not the kinda crack I was thinkin of ~

Switch? Spey? If you're doing a lot of dryline long-belly on larger summer rivers, the answer is a no-brainer. Anything else either will fit the bill in the 7-8wt range.


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