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While I would love to fish Spirit Lake myself everytime I stop by to look at it, I want to fish there. That being said they are using the area as a test site for recovery. Currently there is only one way down to the lake legally which is the Harmony Falls trail. While the fish that are there are large all test show they are just starting to build in numbers and they want to protect the fish to see how well fish can recover without being bothered for a long period of time. They are also using the shore area to see what happens without the hand of man getting involved. From what I am told one of the reasons for the leaving the fish to themselves to recover is to see how well they can recover without man stocking the lake with fish and with the fish mortality by man being kept to 0%. That is not possible even in catch and release lakes we all know because if nothing else it opens up the door for poachers to sneak in amd lets be honest even catching and releasing fish can cause a few to die even if total care is taken, if enough people are fishing there. The information gained from this research may help with salmon and other fish recovery in other areas. So I say even though I would be first in line to fish there if it did open up, I still would rather see them continue to do their research for a while longer and I will continue to fish Coldwater, Merrill, and Bumping lake for now. We did not lose a lake to fish due to Coldwater being created which I feel is a better lake to fish then Spirit lake used to be. If we are going to fight to open up closed areas for catch and release fishing lets put our effort into someplace where research is not going on like Cedar River.
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