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FishPirate and I head down and spent about 6 hours at it today. I bought an IM6 9' 4wt blank for $25, and FP picked up a new reel at a sweet deal. We had a great time talking with guides and the owners of lodges. I think we both were into the Canadian ones that were interested in giving decent accomodations at discount rates.

Sportco and a ton of other retailers had booths selling at discount prices. We also saw Don Johnson, a local commercial tyer put on his hour long presentations on simple but effective flies, well worth every penny of admission.

This show is acres larger than the Seattle show, and it was tremendous. FP and I pondered about a boat for slamon fishing on the Sound, we checked out a number of booths where fly tying was going on, and learned a new candlefish pattern.

I will be back next year. No problem. I loved the show, and I am glad I went, as I have only seen the Seattle show in previous years. Most of the fishing is located in the Main Exhibition Hall, not in the side buildings. don't make a mistake and not think its small, and not all that fishing oriented. We actually gave up looking around, and probalby only saw 80% of the show.

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