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The sea-run cuts can be very fun to catch. One of the tricks is to fish them on a cloudy day. I have found that they can be very very spooky on those bright days (one out of every 30 days over here). Most people will catch them on streamers fished with a 4 to 6 weight rod. However, many times you can catch them all day on dry flies if you find them in groups.

One thing that you might want to look for is chum spawning. A lot of times you will find the cuts resting behind the chum eating the dead eggs that escape the red. In cases like these you should try to match the egg as best you can with a glo-bug or a bead. Chum spawn is bigger than pink and silver spawn. You want to use a bead or glo-bug that is about 8 mm. Usally a more creamy white color with a hint of orange.

Best of luck

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